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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Dec 13, 2022

In October 2022, Ruddick-Collins et al. published results of an RCT looking at the impact of different calorie distributions across the day. This study was from the ‘Big Breakfast Study’ project, primarily from the University of Aberdeen.

In this study, 30 subjects underwent two 4-week calorie-restricted diets that were matched for calories. One diet was “morning-loaded”, meaning that daily calories were distributed as 45% at breakfast, 35% at lunch, and 20% at dinner. The other was “evening-loaded”, with an opposing calorie distribution; i.e., 20% at breakfast, 35% at lunch, and 45% at dinner.

The trial received a lot of commentaries online after it was published. However, much of it lacked sufficient context, nuance, and understanding of the implications.

In this episode, Dr. Alan Flanagan, who was one of the researchers involved in some of the work of the Big Breakfast Study, gives an insight into the recently published paper by Ruddick-Collins et al., and highlights some important aspects to be aware of.

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