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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Aug 22, 2023

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About This Episode:

It has been clearly demonstrated that elevated LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C), or perhaps more specifically pro-atherogenic lipoproteins, is causal in atherosclerosis development in humans.

One crucial concept within this is that the risk relates not only to the magnitude of elevated LDL-C, but the duration of exposure. Thus, the role of LDL-C in driving atherosclerosis is referred to as a “cumulative, integrated exposure over the lifecourse”.

But, what exactly does this mean?

In this episode, Danny discusses the cumulative exposure model of LDL-C in atherosclerosis, the evidence supporting it, and the implications of this for the “debates” that get raised in relation to LDL-C (or apoB-containing lipoproteins) and heart disease.