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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Jun 20, 2016

Episode 126: Melissa Davis PhD of Renaissance Periodization discusses the most important dietary and training principles to consider when planning nutrition and training periods.

Currently Melissa is a Research Scientist at University of California at Irvine (UCI) in the field of neurobiology and behaviour, with focus on development and means of inducing critical period plasticity in adults. She previously completed her doctoral studies at UCI in neuroscience.

She is also a consultant for Renaissance Periodization and was one of the authors of the RP-produced book: "Renaissance Woman: Fat Loss, Muscle Growth and Performance Through Scientific Eating."

Melissa is also a decorated athlete as an elite-level grappler, having won multiple championships in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). She is a IBJJF No Gi World Champion, IBJJF No Gi National Champion and USBJJF Absolute Champion.

In this episode we discuss:
Nutrition phases for body composition goals: duration, structure and transitioning
Periodization of nutrition with training within a long-term plan
Nutrition and training principles to address in order to preserve lean body mass during dieting phases
Psychology of dieting
Target rates of change in body composition
Changes in training performance and scale weight across the menstrual cycle
Nutrition and training principles for women competing in weight-class based sports
Beneficial and detrimental messages perpetuated in the fitness industry