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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Aug 22, 2017

Lyle McDonald

Lyle is the author of the Ketogenic Diet, the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook and the Guide to Flexible Dieting. He has been interested in all aspects of human performance physiology since becoming involved in competitive sports as a teenager. Pursuing a degree in Physiological Sciences from UCLA, he has spent almost 20 years of his life studying human physiology and the science, art and practice of human performance, muscle gain, fat loss and body recomposition.

Over the years, in addition to working with the general public, Lyle has worked primarily with endurance athletes, a few powerlifters, and some bodybuilders. Through his books, articles and his forum, he has helped thousands lose fat, gain muscle and get stronger or perform better.

In This Episode We Discuss:

Fundamentals of calorie partitioning
What actually influences the partitioning of fuel substrates and the fate of the calories we consume
Genetic differences in how much our body composition proportionally changes when either in a hyper- or hypo- caloric diet
Is there anything we can really do to modify this?
Insulin sensitivity in muscle and adipose tissue
Blood glucose responses to meals: For healthy individuals, how much does it matter?
Should you match carbohydrate intake to insulin sensitivity?