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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Oct 10, 2017

PhD researcher Eric Helms of Auckland University of Technology is on the podcast to breakdown two interesting research papers. We look at a paper on protein overfeeding and another on the effect of body fat on anabolic sensitivity.
Eric, along with Greg Nuckols and Dr. Mike Zourdos, created the monthly reserach review MASS (Monthly Applications in Strength Sports), which breaks apart some of the recent research carried out that is relevant to strength athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters.

Research Papers Discussed In This Episode:

Study #1: de Moraes et al., 2017 - Protein Overfeeding is Associated with Improved Lipid and Anthropometric Profile thus Lower Malondialdehyde Levels in Resistance-Trained Athletes
Study #2: Beals et al., 2016 - Anabolic sensitivity of postprandial muscle protein synthesis to the ingestion of a protein-dense food is reduced in overweight and obese young adults