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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Feb 21, 2019

In This Episode We Discuss:
--> How physiology enhances ability to make really training and nutrition decisions
--> Applying “form follows function” to biological systems
--> If training a certain way and observing the result tells us whether it “works” or not, understanding physiology can tell us WHY it worked
--> Importance of lift execution for hypertrophy progress
--> The trap of always assume “more volume is best”
--> The value of debating ideas and open discussions

yndon is Head of Education at JPS Health & Fitness in Melbourne, Australia.

He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise and Sport Science and is completing a Masters in High Performance Sport Science. He is also a qualified strength and conditioning coach and has coached many athletes over the past number of years.

Jacob is the founder and director of JPS Health & Fitness in Melbourne, Australia.

Having worked in the industry for close to a decade, Jacob’s wealth of knowledge coupled with his experience in the trenches has led him to become one of Melbourne’s most sought out trainers. His role has extended fate beyond working with his beloved clients, to now mentoring aspiring personal trainers, holding workshops and seminars, and writing for the nations personal training governing body, Physical Activity Australia.

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