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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Apr 16, 2019

Jackson is currently completing his PhD at the University of Western Australia in Perth. He is currently running the largest dieting study ever done on athletes in Australia.

This research called the ICECAP trial (Intermittent versus Continuous Energy restriction Compared in an Athlete Population), looks at the effect of including a “diet break” week after every 3 weeks of dieting, compared to a continuous hypocaloric diet for the duration of the full dieting period.

In This Episode We Discuss:
- Theoretical reasons for including diet breaks and refeeds within dieting periods
- Distinguishing between intermittent fasting protocols and intermittent moderate energy restriction (MOD-IER)
- Lessons learned from the MATADOR trial
- What might differ between obese and athletic populations
- Design of Jackson’s “ICECAP trial”
- Determining the duration, frequency and magnitude of diet breaks, refeeds and energy restriction
- Current best practices for implementing these strategies