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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Apr 16, 2019


About This Episode:

Jackson Peos, PhD was the lead researcher on the ICECAP trial (Intermittent versus Continuous Energy restriction Compared in an Athlete Population), looks at the effect of including a “diet break” week after every 3 weeks of dieting, compared to a continuous hypocaloric diet for the duration of the full dieting period.

In This Episode We Discuss:
- Theoretical reasons for including diet breaks and refeeds within dieting periods
- Distinguishing between intermittent fasting protocols and intermittent moderate energy restriction (MOD-IER)
- Lessons learned from the MATADOR trial
- What might differ between obese and athletic populations
- Design of Jackson’s “ICECAP trial”
- Determining the duration, frequency and magnitude of diet breaks, refeeds and energy restriction
- Current best practices for implementing these strategies