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Sigma Nutrition Radio

May 28, 2019

Simone is an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, currently finishing MSc Nutrition and Behaviour at Bournemouth University. She is also a PhD Counselling psychology candidate. Her academic research area is body image and adaptive eating, and she practices as a therapist in the field of nutrition, chronic dieting, body image and eating disorders.

In This Episode We Discuss
The scale of the problem of negative body image
Tying appearance to self-worth & personal identity
External drivers of negative body image
Root causes of obesity
Why “self-responsability” isn’t helpful at scale
Steps in modifying body image
Self-talk: moving from negative to neutral to positive
Can non-weight loss interventions improve health to the same degree as those that lead to weight loss in “at risk” groups (e.g. those with diabetes or with obesity)?