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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Jan 27, 2016

Episode 105: Professor John Cryan discusses some of his lab's breakthrough work on the microbiome and how it affects all aspects of the brain, including mood, behaviour, and potentially clinical issues such as autism and anxiety.

Jan 21, 2016

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Brad Schoenfeld, PhD discusses various issues related to the research around muscle hypertrophy, nutrient timing and fasted cardio, as well as the correct way to view evidence-based practice.

Jan 12, 2016

Episode 103: 3DMJ coach Alberto Nunez in on the show to discuss what considerations that natural bodybuilding competitors should take regarding nutrition. 

Jan 5, 2016

Episode 102: To kick off the new year, I reflect on some of the most important resources and lessons I have learned over the past year, including snippets of wisdom from books I’ve read, podcasts I've listened to, interviews I've watched and concepts I've reflected on.