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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Aug 30, 2016

Episode 140: Layne Norton, PhD is on the show to discuss his current journey back from injury, the psychology of elite athletes and the debate how much of a role body composition plays directly on strength and powerlifting performance.

Academically he completed his PhD in nutritional sciences under Professor Donald...

Aug 25, 2016

Episode 139: Answering a listener question: “How do you use 'days-off' or 'Diet-Breaks' with clients?”

Aug 23, 2016

Episode 138: Sports dietitian and PhD candidate Dana Lis discusses some new research examining the potential for acute low-FODMAP diets to help alleviate GI symptoms in athletes

Dana is a well-known sport dietitian with broad experience at the Professional, Olympic, National and International levels. Her passion for...

Aug 16, 2016

Episode 137: Ketogains founder Luis Villasenor explains how to set-up a ketogenic diet correctly, discusses common mistakes and smashes misconceptions about all sorts of concepts related to ketogenic diets.

Luis is the found of Ketogains, an online community that works to help people achieve their body composition and...

Aug 12, 2016

Episode 136: Answering a listener question: “If someone was to only use set sources of protein i.e. chicken and whey. Would they still see the same benefits as to someone who has a more varied approach? In terms of hypertrophy and when on a fat loss phase. With their protein intake calculated as it should be for both....