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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Jan 9, 2020

  • [05:00] how should we define calorie restriction in the context of its scientifically observed connection with longevity?
  • [12.30] I'd love to hear your thoughts about the consumption of duck meat. Does it get categorized as red meat consumption in epidemiological studies?
  • [14.10] Can obese or overweight women experience REDs when dieting? If so how do you manage the risk vs. reward of losing excessive body fat vs inducing REDs?
  • [21.20] How much the Nutrition will change in 10 years, and how much impact it will have in our daily lives?
  • [25.00] Cancer recovery: What type food to eat and training protocols to follow whilst healing after operation  and what type of exercise during chemo?
  • [26.00] I'd love to know what your "weaknesses" are!
  • [34.00] What non-tracking methods do you use for combat athletes?
  • [38.20] can we adapt to higher fat oxidation during exercise so that exogenous CHO isn’t necessary?
  • [42.55] How do you plan a diet to lose muscle mass healthily?
  • [48.40] Does eating a high-fat diet (keto) cause heart health issues?
  • [52.34] Is salt good or bad for your health?
  • [53.38] Does calcium supplement improve bone health and prevent bone fracture?
  • [62.55] Hemochromatosis and the Irish
  • [68.10] In nutritional science and resistance training I'm witnessing what appears to be a shift from a physicalist based approach to a phenomenological based approach. Do you see a similar transition taking place?