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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Dec 19, 2023


About This Episode:

Navigating the intricate landscape of sports nutrition is one that constantly evolves and challenges our understanding of optimal athletic performance.

The delicate balance between advancing research and ensuring practical applicability in the high-speed realm of sports nutrition is a perpetual struggle.

Decision-making is difficult, especially when faced with a scarcity of evidence. It’s a challenge that resonates with many professionals in the field, prompting reflections on the art of making informed choices in the absence of conclusive data.

In this episode, Dr. Andy Kasper, PhD shares his experiences and research in the field of elite sports nutrition.

Dr. Kasper, a PhD in Nutrition and Physiology from Liverpool John Moores University, currently spearheads the Performance Nutrition department at Newcastle United Football Club. His illustrious career spans across elite football, rugby union, and rugby league, with notable stints at clubs like Chelsea, Fulham, Derby, England Rugby Union, Sale Sharks, London Irish, and Wasps, to name a few.

A prolific contributor to academic publications, Dr. Kasper’s insights have not only shaped the scientific landscape but have also directly influenced the nutritional strategies employed by top-tier athletes.

Our conversation will traverse a myriad of topics, from the transformative changes witnessed in sports nutrition to invaluable advice for practitioners navigating this intricate terrain.

We’ll also delve into the delicate balance between advancing research and ensuring practical applicability in the fast-paced world of sports nutrition. Dr. Kasper will shed light on the Paper-to-Podium Matrix, a concept that bridges the gap between scientific discoveries and their real-world implementation in the pursuit of athletic excellence.