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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Mar 29, 2016

Episode 114: Ryan Doris of De Novo Nutrition discusses adapting to situations to be successful, learning and operating out of necessity, self-responsibility, discipline & confront the brutal facts.


Ryan is the Chief Executive Officer of De Novo Nutrition, running things on both the companies supplement and apparel lines. He also is one of the coaches part of De Novo Consulting, along with Ben Esgro, Mike Zourdos and others.

At the age of 28, Ryan has already had huge successes in several fields. He competed as a pro natural bodybuilder, becoming one of the elite competitors in the world. More recently he has transitioned to powerlifting, in which he recently placed 2nd in the 93kg class at teh Arnold Classic.

Academically, Ryan has two masters degrees (MBA & MIM). Personally, he describes himself as an "adapter".