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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Jan 27, 2015

Mike Samuels of Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting is on the shoe to discuss restrictive vs. flexible dieting, our common transition from neurotic eating to sustainable nutrition, how to eat whilst travelling or working on the road, how to elimate binges and how to enjoy life!

Jan 20, 2015

Episode 43: Dr. Mike Israetel is Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at UCM, a competitive powerlifter, grappler & bodybuilder and is the coach to many elite level athletes.

On the show we dive into nutrient timing; protein timing, protein distribution, leucine threshold, placement of carbohydrates and...

Jan 13, 2015

Dr. Bryan Chung, MD and PhD researcher, talks about evidence-based fitness, problems with the fitness and nutrition industry, the issue of calories, metabolic advantages of certain diets, psychology of dieting and game-changing research on the relevance of muscle protein synthesis as a proxy measure for hypertrophy.

Jan 6, 2015

Dublin-based trainer & competitive CrossFit athlete Dominic Munnelly is on the show to talk about where CrossFit fits in to the health & fitness industry, some of the criticisms it faces, considerations for female trainees & differences in nutrition for performance vs. nutrition for body composition.