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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Dec 22, 2020

In this episode Danny and Alan answer some listener questions, covering a range of topics, including hunger cues, weight-neutral appraoches, body fat distribution, and breakfast and cognition, among others. The guys also discuss the most interesting thing they've learned this year and resources on critical thinking.

Questions Answered:

[08:40] What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt this year?


[16:30] Is the cliche “hacks to survive the holiday period” a damaging narrative?


[18:32] Is the notion that weight loss attempts typically produce more harm than benefit, evidence-based?


[21:28] What's your opinion on intuitive eating? Both the official book and the unofficial trend.


[25:40] Based on your previous podcast discussing health policy, how does a health coach use this knowledge working with clients given that the deck may be stacked against certain clients? Does HAES become more important for clients who face more challenges like those you spoke about?


[30:26] What are the things a person can read or learn outside nutrition to become a better thinker and person?


[39:35] Is there a benefit to eating breakfast in the morning for mental/cognitive purposes?


[45:51] Genetically, do different individuals respond differently to various hunger cues? i.e; some respond extremely well to the secretion of leptin, and other to the stretch receptors in the stomach?


[50:15] Nightshift workers: to eat or not eat between midnight and 6am. What’s best to snack on P, C, or F?


[56:09] When it comes to the frontiers of nutrition science (nutrigenomics, diet-microbiome, etc.), which show most promise and which are overhyped?


[62:12] What is actually worse when it comes to a fatty liver, fructose or saturated fat?


[65:42] What makes collagen supplements any better/any different than simple AA supplements? Is it just marketing?


[69:42] Is fish oil supplementation worth the hype? Or is it better to get your omega 3 fatty acids from natural sources like fish?


[80:17] I've heard that peri/post-menopausal women's bodies are less efficient at using carbohydrates as fuel due to the hormonal changes. Is there any evidence to back up this claim?


[83:21] Thoughts on post-menopause midriff fat gain due to fat cells secreting oestrogen?


[85:26] Is there any evidence supporting strategies at target fat cells with a high ratio of alpha:beta receptors (i.e., "stubborn" fat)?


[88:50] Do we eat to feed ourselves or are we just the vehicle to feed the many bacteria in/on us?


[92:12] Is arteriosclerosis reversible?


[94:02] In the paleo/keto community there is a lot of discussion about the pro-inflammatory nature of industrialised seed and vegetable oils. Does the science back avoiding these?


[96:28] If marine omega 3 is so important, then how do we reconcile the fact that historically many cultures wouldn't have had much access to them?


[99:34] Do statins adversely affect strength gains or hypertrophy?


Find all mentioned resources linked at the show notes page: