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Sigma Nutrition Radio

May 17, 2022

Some cognitive decline is normal with age. However, more significant cognitive decline is primarily due to disease-induced dementias (such as Alzheimer’s Disease). It also results from neurodegenerative disorders and chronic, prolonged degeneration of our neuronal pathways and functions.

Drug discovery for dementias have been largely unsuccessful, leaving no good treatments for this collection of diseases. This had led to research examining areas that may aid in preventing (or more accurately, slowing) cognitive decline.

In this episode the Sigma team look at the published data on a variety of nutrients, foods and dietary patterns, including: vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, caffeine, flavanoids, coffee and green leafy vegetables.

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  • [00:02:01] Definitions
  • [00:08:40] What causes cognitive decline? Dementia? Mechanisms of ND pathogenesis.
  • [00:11:33] Why might nutrition play a role?
  • [00:18:18] Dietary patterns
  • [00:26:30] Diet interaction with APOE genotype
  • [00:31:18] Alcohol
  • [00:36:36] Polyphenols - mechanisms
  • [00:43:05] Coffee & Caffeine
  • [00:45:03] Flavanoids
  • [00:51:04] Vitamin D
  • [01:04:22] Omega 3 fatty acids
  • [01:21:42] B vitamins & green leafy veg
  • [01:30:35] Vitamin E
  • [01:38:24] How to assess cognitive health in ageing intervention studies
  • [01:45:28] Concluding thoughts


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