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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Dec 12, 2023


About This Episode:

The Oslo Diet-Heart Study was one of the earliest randomized controlled trials to explore the relationship between diet and heart disease. It aimed to investigate the impact of dietary interventions, specifically the reduction of saturated fat intake and an increase in polyunsaturated fat intake, on cardiovascular health.

The Oslo Diet-Heart Study involved 412 men who had already suffered a myocardial infarction 1-2 years before the start of the intervention.

Despite some known limitations, the Oslo Diet-Heart Study played a role in shaping early understanding on the relationship between dietary fat, cholesterol levels, and heart disease. Subsequent research and larger studies have contributed to a more nuanced understanding of the complex factors influencing cardiovascular health.

In this episode we discuss why this trial is important in the history of diet-heart research and how it connects to other seminal work in the field.