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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Dec 26, 2023

This episode is one of our Premium-exclusive AMA (ask me anything) episodes, where we answer questions submitted by Premium subscribers.

To listen to the full 90 minute episode, you’ll need to be a Premium subscriber and access the episode on the private Premium feed.

Otherwise, you can hear a preview of the episode here.

Full List of Questions:

  1. [01:50] How should one interpret the systematic reviews done by Hooper et al that report no association between modification or reduction of saturated fat intake with cardiovascular mortality, total mortality, non-fatal MI?

  2. [22.10] Given most people don’t meet them, are public health targets for fruit and vegetables too high?

  3. [29.10] What is the role of homocysteine in heart disese? Is it causal?

  4. [40:45] Monounsaturated Fat: Good, Bad or Indifferent?

  5. [50:13] Is there evidence to suggest an upper limit for BMI, where even individuals with a ‘healthy’ body composition would be at elevated risk?

  6. [59:32] Where does the current research stand on the impact of diet on brain health?

  7. [01:08:48] Based on recent findings, do we have to throw out previous research on diet’s impact on the gut microbiome?