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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Jan 31, 2017

Episode 162: Andrew Chappell, PhD of Sheffield Hallam University is on the show to discuss preliminary data looking into different nutritional strategies followed by natural bodybuilders.

Dietary Strategies Of Elite Natural Bodybuilders - Chappell AJ & Simper T.,

The popularity of natural bodybuilding is increasing...

Jan 24, 2017

Episode 161: Dublin-based coach and fitness entrepreneur Rob Lipsett is on the show to discuss his journey, philosophies and work with clients.

Rob Lipsett is a personal trainer, physique competitor and fitness entrepreneur. Rob has built a loyal following based on giving insights into his own training and lifestyle,...

Jan 19, 2017

Episode 160: Danny discusses tools that have been invaluable to him in life across 5 categories: non-nutrition books, tracking, creation, living life and asking yourself questions.

Jan 17, 2017

Episode 159: Author of the Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide, Phil Graham, returns to the show to discuss how diabetics should eat and exercise if they want to gain muscle, lose fat or be healthy, without having their condition hold them back.

Jan 10, 2017

Episode 158: Alex Ritson dives into the metabolic adaptations that occur with dieting (and overfeeding), the implications of this for the dieter and how this can explain the differences between individuals in their response to a diet.