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Sigma Nutrition Radio

Aug 28, 2018

Jake is a registered dietitan and a human nutrition researcher. His work focuses on diet, muscle & metabolism.

He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Integrated Physiology and Molecular Medicine at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. He is also a contractor in Inflammation and Immunity research at the...

Aug 21, 2018

Elise Facer-Childs is currently a Doctoral Researcher working at the University of Birmingham on sleep, circadian rhythms and neuroimaging. She works with human participants to uncover the impact that our body clocks can have on brain structure and function, genetics, physiology and performance.

Elise has presented her...

Aug 13, 2018

Erica is a registered dietitian, currently completing a PhD at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Previously she was employed as a Clinical and Sports Dietitian at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, where Erica provided individual sports nutrition consultation to endurance and team sport athletes,...

Aug 6, 2018

Carl is an exercise scientist with a PhD in physical activity epidemiology. He is also the founder of the Dr. Muscle app.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Influence of mechanical tension, muscle damage and metabolic stress on hypertrophy
  • Does muscle damage really cause hypertrophy?
  • Research for and against...